What do we do?

We implement and expenses related to contract implementation. IDEAL makes it possible to create an environment for collaboration between different counterparties.

There are more than 50 implementation projects of the IDEAL system, and others.

Who are we?

A team of 30 IT professionals.

A Russian company that designs and maintains its own product.

ICICALL owns more than 20 patents for its developments.

How do we differ from others

  • We are well aware of the customer’s business. ICICALL has been operating in the oil and gas industry since 2005, and we possess insider knowledge of the industry specifics.
  • We have a finished scalable product, and we offer proven system models to our customers.
  • The implementation period of IDEAL is from 3 months, and its cost is comparable to the implementation of a tandard accounting system.
  • Afterwards, we provide support and make necessary updates, thus increasing the life of the system.

Who are our customers?

Oil refineries, traders and logistics companies.

Almost all companies engaged in oil and gas processing, as well as petrochemical products supply in the Russian market, use the IDEAL system.