Operations that can be performed with the Production and Marketing module

Handling shipping requests

The module makes it possible to collect shipping requests from end buyers and transfer them to the factory.

Maintain contracts (with the connection to accounting, financial and other systems)

This module can be integrated with the financial reporting system, as well as with other external systems. If data from external systems are missing, it is possible to specify quotes in the Production and Marketing module independently.

Production planning and forecasting

Based on seasonal trends and applications submitted through personal accounts.

Keeping record of costs under contracts

Including services of carriers, freight forwarders, independent inspectors and port agents. Cost accounting is necessary for the subsequent assessment of the enterprise’s profitability.

Benefits of the Production and Marketing module for your company

  • Optimised production planning
  • More effective use of storage capacities
  • Increased turnover of goods and funds
  • Reduced costs due to lower unreasonable downtime of equipment and transport
  • Data for accurate estimation of the company’s profitability

Sample Case: Use of the Production and Marketing Module in a Vertically Integrated Oil Company

Project objectives

  • Higher turnover
  • Shorter mean time of oil storage at tank farms
  • More streamlined relationships with counterparties (over 10,000 entities)
  • Reporting to shareholders and auditors

Ways to address the objectives set

  • Automated system of relationships with customers, automated planning and control of sales operations using IDEAL
  • Connection of end users to personal accounts in IDEAL
  • Integration of e-requests with SAP


  • 104% sales plan completion
  • Shorter mean time of oil storage at tank farms (down to 18 days vs the target of 30 days)
  • The share of end users in total sales increased by 12%
  • More than 6,000 third-party contractors operating the system
  • Complete transparency of commercial operations, reduced time for routine procedures