About the System

IDEAL System

The IDEAL system will be helpful for sales and logistics teams of energy providers.

With us, you will know for sure what happens to your products during the delivery and sale process. You will be able to control the flow of goods at each stage, analyse different scenarios and choose the most beneficial strategy. With us, you will freight, and sell more.



What you get by implementing IDEAL

Accurate information in the shortest time possible

You will know the volume of products sold, shipped to the customer, amount of cargo in transit, number of cars or vehicles awaiting loading or required in the near future.

Lower unproductive labour

No more lots of Excel tables and a number of systems to be aligned within a few days. Now all the analytical information is available in a few clicks, while documents will be prepared in no more than a minute.

Ability to do more

The IDEAL system makes it possible to cut downtime and losses, calculate the most profitable sales scenario for you and arrange smooth deliveries.

What can be done with IDEAL

  • Get requests, maintain contracts and document flow via your personal account
  • Forecast demand and plan production capacities
  • Manage logistics (SCM) and plan deliveries
  • Manage work with contractors (CRM) and run electronic auctions and tenders
  • Maintain financial accounting and analysis
  • Manage risks
Why we are better

IDEAL’s advantages over other systems

Common, rather than an individual licence

Fast implementation, from 3 months

Reasonable cost of implementation and ownership

Support and regular updates

Industry expertise

Single workspace for mining companies, refineries, logistics specialists, traders and buyers


System Functionality

Logistics Module

  • Monitoring goods in transit
  • Registration of cars
  • Keeping records of rolling stock rent and repair
  • Planning and keeping record of ex-works shipments
  • Planning of accumulation at the termina and tanker arrival


Marketing Module

  • Request-based demand forecasting via personal accounts
  • Administration of contracts (including connection to external systems)
  • Keeping record of costs under contracts
  • Production planning
  • Generation of ex-works shipment requests


Reports Module

  • Generation of reports
  • Futures and swaps
  • Maintenance of a portfolio of transactions
  • Calculation of profits and losses
  • Risk management
  • Calculation of netback and cost efficiency


Why us

Security and Support

IDEAL is a cloud-based system available 24/7 from laptops, tablets and mobile devices. ICICALL’s servers are located in Russia, so working with it does not imply a cross-border data transfer as many other systems do, and fully meets the requirements of Federal Law No. 152-FZ.

The system ensures information security by authorising users, dividing access rights, as well as auditing and registering all user actions. The system is also certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

Users can always contact the support service by phone or e-mail with any question. Our experts will help to set up a report or upload data.